The Solidarity Economy

The Solidarity Economy

"Economists speak a language most of us don't understand. This lovely book reminds us that economics is how we collectively meet our needs. Be inspired!"

– Prof. Ruth Kinna

The next decades will be defined by ever-increasing crises, as the ecological and climate emergency undermines the support systems for organised human life. Whilst many know we are in a bad place, our ability to imagine or even contemplate how things could be different seems to be lacking. As the now cliched phrase goes “It’s easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism.”

But there is hope. Multiple practices and examples throughout history show that it is possible to radically transform our economic system. Capitalism is not inevitable; rather we can build a world based on the radical reduction in working hours, ecological stewardship and decision-making through neighbourhood assemblies and workers councils.

This 216 full-colour illustrated book shows this alternative. Topics include the Zapatistas, the Paris commune, Rojava, the Mutual aid of the Black Panthers, the Landless Workers Movement, the Spanish Revolution, and NGO industrial complex amongst many more.

"As capitalism and the nation-state destroy the biosphere and produce ever greater human immiseration, the practice of mutual aid and economic solidarity is more important than ever. This beautifully-crafted little book will inspire you to change the world – and give you the tools to do it."

– Debbie Bookchin