A Manifesto for World Revolution (Dec)

A Manifesto for World Revolution (Dec)

From the minds behind the Occupy movement, and the author of the hit books Design Anarchy, Meme Wars and Culture Jam, now comes nothing less than the Manifesto for World Revolution.

In his new book to ignite the left, Kalle Lasn outlines Adbusters’ vision. The business as usual world will soon be gone. The world’s mis-Leaders are hell-bent on collective destruction.

But now, with the most revolutionary tool ever invented in the palm of our hands, a mighty grassroots insurgency is assembling. We have a blueprint for a revolution on a whole new front. We-the-people, the global majority, belong to a third front — borderless, leaderless — beyond Left and Right.

The flocking signal — a radical set of ideas so fundamental, so systemic, so profound that they make a sane and sustainable future feel possible. From metameme to metameme, Lasn asserts “revolution is a force that gives life meaning.”

This book asks where do you want to go?

We are the Third Front.

We have the codes.

Are you ready?